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Our on the job training options keep your skills sharp

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在斯威夫特 Transportation, our 卡车司机培训 program doesn't end on the last day of Academy. 事实上,它永远不会结束. Because we believe in helping you stay up to date on the latest equipment, safety information and in building your skills, we offer truck driver job training throughout your career.

注意: To prevent the contamination and spread of COVID-19, we’ve included a number of onboarding driver precautions, 访问我们的 COVID-19 resource page 的更多信息.    



When you're hired at Swift, you'll be paired with an experienced driver who will act as your mentor and help you become a safer, 更有能力, and more confident driver. As you work with your mentor and complete your training to be a truck driver, you'll not only have the opportunity to learn from someone who has been right where you are and can help you navigate the road ahead, but you'll be paid for your time, which makes our program a win-win.

As you adjust to life with Swift, you may be paired with a mentor for your hours of over-the-road training. The hours vary simply because every driver is different. If you're a new driver, fresh out of our Academy or another training program, you can expect to drive with a mentor for up to 300 hours. But if you have verifiable experience or OTR training outside of Swift, or you started training, 左, 然后回来, you may drive with a mentor for fewer than 300 hours. Regardless of where you land on the spectrum, all of our truck driving jobs offer paid over-the-road training, so you can support yourself and your family even as you learn the ropes.


Over-the-Road (OTR) Trucking

在斯威夫特, we make the transition to over-the-road trucking easier by giving you a mentor who can help you gain the skills and confidence needed to drive longer distances more capably.

不仅如此, 我们提供完整的, automatic tractors from Freightliner, 沃尔沃, Kenworth, and International – so you can train on the latest model tractors from some of the best-known brands around. +, because all our over-the-road trucks have full cabs and come equipped with beds and other conveniences, you can rest when you need to and start your day feeling refreshed.

Like all of our truck driver jobs, paid training is part of our program, but as an over-the-road driver, 你会赚得更多. That's because we recently increased our over-the-road pay and added a bonus plan that allows you to earn up to an additional $1,500 in your first six months of driving an OTR dry van, refrigerated or flatbed truck. And, after six months, you can participate in our 开车r Ranking and earn even more.


Better Work and a Better Life

When you're working at Swift, you're never working alone. Even after your mentor hours are over, you can contact them with questions, concerns or just to say "hello." They're always happy to hear from you. And with our 24/7 support services, help is just a call away anytime, day or night – from coast to coast.

在斯威夫特, we work to ensure that you not only have a great job but that you have a great life, too. By prioritizing driving schedules that support your family’s busy and changing lifestyle, we can help you achieve a work-life balance.

For more information on Swift, or to apply for a truck driver job that offers pay for training, great job opportunities, and the chance to build a life, 以及一份事业, 访问 SwiftTrans.com/careers.


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"As a mentor, I like putting safe drivers out on the road. My family and friends are out there, too. So, I train students in a way that I know they’re going to be safe drivers."



开车r Mentor of 25 Years