What are the Different CDL测试的类型 you Can Take?

Learn the differences between the written, skills, and other Class A CDL 测试s

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In order to earn your Class A CDL, you will need to pass a CDL written 测试 that covers general knowledge, 空气制动, and combination vehicles to receive your permit, and have it for at least 14 days. 之后, you'll also need to pass a pre-trip inspection, 支持技能, and road skills 测试 that require you to prove your skills with the trucks themselves. 

In order to take your CDL exam, you won’t have to worry about scheduling an appointment with your DMV, as the Swift Academy team will take care of it for you. During this time, come prepared with all documentation requested by the agency. During your 测试, you'll be asked to complete several 测试s that include: 

  • 常识: The general knowledge portion of your 测试 will cover: inspecting your vehicle, basic controls of your vehicle, 将齿轮, 控制速度, transportation cargo safely and more.
  • 空气制动器: The Air Brakes CDL 测试 will usually be required to check the air pressure, 泄漏测试, 测试 for alarms and check the buttons. 除了, you'll have to set the parking brake and show you understand how to work the service brakes. 
  • Combination Vehicles: The combination vehicles part of your 测试 will cover: driving combinations, combination vehicle 空气制动, antilock brake systems, coupling and uncoupling, and inspecting combinations.



During your CDL skills 测试, which we'll also schedule for you, you'll actually get behind the wheel of your vehicle and be asked to drive a course and/or on the open road. 除了, you may be asked to stop during your CDL road 测试 to perform several tasks that will allow the proctor to evaluate your skills. You'll be asked to complete several 测试s that require you to interact with your vehicle, including:  

  • Pre-Trip Inspection: During the pre-trip inspection, you'll be asked to show the proctor that you understand how to ensure your rig is safe and ready for the road. This is a verbal examwhere you'll be asked to address all parts of the truck and identify properly working systems and/or any dangers related to the truck's systems. (Refer to your course material for details.)
  • 支持技能: During your 支持技能 测试, you will be asked to perform the following: straight-line backing, offset left and right backing, parallel parking (conventional), alley-dock支持, and site-side backing. 
  • 路技能: During your road skills 测试, you will be asked to demonstrate general driving behavior. 这包括, but is not limited to: turning, handling intersections, 车道变化, 高速公路, 铁路平交道, 巷的使用, 操舵, and using turn signals.

If you're ready to earn your Class A CDL, learn more about endorsements and start your career in trucking, find a Swift Academy in your area. 

1The pre-trip inspection is a verbal exam, unless the student is hearing impaired, in which case the student will physically perform the exam.

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We're proud to have great instructors at our network of academies and schools at Swift! Meet José, one of the instructors in Phoenix! He's been an instructor for 3 years. He said that one of his favorite parts of his position is that he helps people to realize their dreams of truck driving and change their lives. Being an instructor requires continual learning and preparation. He said, "We need to prepare ourselves on a daily basis. The regulations change, so we need to keep studying."